We have four different games to choose from, each with a unique theme that put you in the center of a compelling story. Maybe you’ve always wanted to be a spy, or a crime scene investigator. Now’s your chance to be the hero!

Drinking makes you smarter right? Not so much. We advise sober game playing to maximize your chance to escape. If any members of the group are noticeably under the influence, we can’t let you play. Save the drinks for afterwards!

We love food, but not in our rooms. If you’re looking for some great grub and drinks before or after your game, you’re in luck because we’re located in the historic Riverview District. Check out our neighboring restaurants here.

We ask that you do not take photographs of the rooms. We love secrets and so do the people who play the games after you. No spoilers, please! We’ll take a photo of your group after the game and post it to social media.

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